czwartek, 28 stycznia 2010


I NEED summer, holidays, boyfriend, ice cream, new dresses, great hats, good grades, chocolate milk, watch a good movie, read a great book, watch beautiful pictures and wonderful drawings, fly to Paris, meet long-unseen friends, hugging, weeping, smiling, jumping on one leg like a happy child, believe in yourself, trust yourself, LOVE YOURSELF!


Goodnight all, I wonder if anyone ever encountered in an online world for ROUGE lapin..

wtorek, 26 stycznia 2010


What a long long long day at school! I was sitting in class,
and all the time I thought about ROUGE lapin.
Seconds, minutes, hours..

last autumn,

and one winter shot.
i love it! enjoy

poniedziałek, 25 stycznia 2010


Today is twenty-fifth of January. Air temperature is -19 ° C.
Paris time is 21:10, in Buenos Aires is 18:10, 05:10 is in Tokyo, and in New York is 15:10. Today is an important day. Today starts ROUGE lapin.